About Pigskin Vanguard

Football is, by far, the most complex sport in the world, yet many fans never get past the basic understand of the game. Because of this, most media outlets tend to report stats and events by that lowest common denominator. Moreover, most major outfits, particularly on local levels, employ journalists or broadcasters based on their knowledge of their industry, without much regard to knowledge of what they will be covering, and consequently hire people who understand the game thoroughly. This has resulted in a void, where those who want to learn more about the greatest game on Earth, have little option of where to turn, and are left to pick up random tidbits of insight that are occasionally dropped by those involved in the game. While other sites have the resources and the connections to tell you what happened, we can help answer the deeper question of why. This site is devoted to delving deeper, going into the various strategies, theories, and subtle nuances of the game; this is Pigskin Vanguard.

As you make your way through this site, you will notice a special interest in the Cleveland Browns. This is due to the blog’s primary contributor, Drew Voller, growing up and living in Cleveland. The reasoning, aside from the obvious one about being a fan, is familiarity. One simply cannot discuss some of the intricacies of the game or a team, without being extremely familiar with the team(s) involved. Thus, the emphasis on the Browns is brought about by the immense detail already known of the organization and roster, although he will be the first to admit to being an unabashed homer. In his defense, however, he does have the ability to still be brutally honest; like flipping a switch he can go from the average pie-eyed fan, to unemotional and pointedly objective.

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§ One Response to About Pigskin Vanguard

  • Jeff Parkin says:

    Excellent comments about why Mangini should stay. I followed the Jets for 20 years before they decided to part with him. Now I will take an interest in his work wherever he goes. I hope he gets his 3rd year at Cleveland and I can see the Browns make a real impact. If not, he will be hired in less than a week. There are 15-20 team owners who see the light. Lerner saw it first.

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