0 Love for the 0 Technique: Ahtyba Rubin Snubbed

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well there is a phrase in regard to Pro Bowl selections, “that you make it a year late, and stay a year late.” I hope it serves as some type of consolation to the star nose tackle. Rubin is currently leading all defensive linemen in tackles, which is impressive alone. That stat is also compounded by how he is used as a 3-4 nose tackle. In the 3-4, the linemen have the prime duty of occupying blockers and keeping them off of the linebackers. From that regard, leading the league in tackles by D linemen, is extremely impressive, with a large portion of those tackles come from beating double teams. In the end he might just be the biggest snub of the entire 2011 Pro Bowl.

Despite the fact that the Browns are ranked 26th in overall rush defense, that is a reflection on the talent surrounding him. For instance, that reflects a general lack of team speed, particularly from the linebackers. One of the most telling stats is the 5 total rushing touchdowns given up, that is tied for first in the league with Pittsburgh and Baltimore, 1st and 4th in rush defense respectively. This is a reflection of redzone rushing, in particular and evidence of opponents inability to “punch it in” in short goalline situations, i.e. run right up the middle at Ahtyba.

Beyond statistics, as they are too easily skewed, the guy just has a nonstop motor. He makes plays from sideline to sideline, at 330 pounds mind you, and never stops until the whistle blows. As a fan, that is what I love the most in his play. That blue-collar work ethic that should be exalted everywhere, but especially in Cleveland. In a league that seems to shed the limelight on the prima donna players that shy away from contact, or receivers that are unwilling to block, or the guys that just stop when plays go toward the other side of the field, Ahtyba Rubin is the kind of player that the young fans should watch and take note of. That is my personal issue with the Pro Bowl snub. In the end, he will get to the pro bowl, and should have a contract that affords to bring a 747 full of his closest friends and family with him.

In a brief PS,
That work ethic of Aytaba Rubin is also found across the roster. With a few isolated instances as an exception, this team makes you proud to be a fan. This team is one that you can sit with a kid who is playing and point out how the game is supposed to be played, and I believe that is a great accomplishment of Eric Mangini. For further thoughts on Eric Mangini click here, with hope that the point is not moot come Monday.


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